Fibroizem contains over 18-powerful fibroid shrinking and dissolving natural fibrozem enzymes in every capsule. Each of these 18-enzymes vary in strength, for proper treatment. Each bottle contains 60-powerful capsules, at a recommended 2X per day dosage (More if deemed necessary).

This very unique and advanced fibroid shrinking enzyme product is unlike any other currently on the market worldwide. We have developed a highly advanced proprietary formulation that is now even more powerful and effective than last years previous formula. We have have amazing success with the past formulation, and this one has been even better! You are truly getting your moneys worth by ordering Fibroizem™ today.

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Enzymex+ (Plus)™

Enzymex+ is a highly concentrated and proprietary formulation of SerratiopeptideEnzymex enzymes. Incredibly, this form of enzyme is was first discovered by Japanese researchers deriving from secretions the silk worm uses when it is dissolving the fibrous cocoon that they reside in.

These powerful enzymes are used in hospitals worldwide for dissolving ‘fibrous’ or ‘fibrin’ matter similar to uterine fibroids. This product is called a ‘fibrinolytic’ in the medical world, for it’s amazing anti-fibrin destroying properties. This type of enzyme is currently prescription grade in many countries throughout the world, but not as of yet here in theUnited States. In our video education area, you can watch interesting videos from Dr. Timothy Kelly ND, Dr. Lee Cowden MD and well known pharmacist and author Stacy Cowan PharmD that explains the amazing fibroid reducing action of this proprietary enzyme formulation that we call ‘Enzymex+’.

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This unique and powerful product contains 10,000 iu’s of a proprietary liquid Cholecal concentrated Vitamin D3 gel per capsule. Recent studies on laboratory rats concluded high success in shrinking uterine fibroids with this type of gel.

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Not only are new studies pointing to its fibroid shrinking capabilities, but this form of Vitamin D is extremely excellent as an immune system builder. Perfect for helping your body in the shrinking/healing process of uterine fibroid growths. Does any Vitamin D work? Not necessarily. Studies conclude this type of high international units in liquid form is supreme to the other lesser strength and potency powder capsules on the market.

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